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Private Rooms

Escapology Trumbull is ALWAYS a private game experience with ONLY your group.  Not only at no additional cost, but also ensures your safety and peace of mind.  

Clean Facilities

Cleaning routines have been enhanced and we’ll disinfect all touch points regularly through the day. We’ve left more time between games, to fully clean and sanitize after each play. Our staff are fully trained in hygiene best practice and will wear masks and gloves.


We’ve changed the flow through our venue, our staff will keep six feet from you at all times and briefings will be delivered by in-game TV screens. Our waivers are online and we’ll text you before your game is ready.

Staggered Game Times

Our start and end times of all games are staggered minimizing any chance of even seeing other groups playing other games 

Guest Service

We’ll continue to deliver the best possible escape game experience, just like we always have. We look forward to welcoming you to Escapology.


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